Plant at Bad Deutsch Altenburg

Location: Bad Deutsch Altenburg

1974 on 8 April and the plant is opened, formerly home to the "Arwa" stocking factory. The increase in personnel means that seven more bus routes have to be introduced, and an underground carpark is adapted to accommodate automatic punching machines. Major investments are made in machinery.

1975 sees the establishment of a “storage facility for combustible fluids" (200m²), and the investment is made of a large "electrostatic painting installation". The structure of the company is streamlined. After taking on motor and transformer production, the intention is that the plant should develop its independence from other facilities. The first special machines are produced in-house. A special machine is acquired for lens components. A training workshop is set up and the manufacture of sound-heads is reorganized.
The hardening unit and axle grinding section are brought over from Kirchdorf. Transfer of other manufacturing facilities from other Eumig production plants.
Manufacture: Special machine construction for own use and for outside companies, automatic (electronic) painting installation, hardening unit, axle grinding, punching unit, cable harnesses, transformers, camera and projector motors, sound-heads, quality control, and support departments.

1976 250,000 units are produced, 4.5 million painted parts.

1977 Workforce: 568 employees, of whom 431 are women and 137 men

1979 The concentration of manufacturing facilities in the entire Eumig sector of operations means that some production units have to be moved from this plant to other Eumig locations.
The continued existence of the plant comes into question.

1980 The staff are informed that the plant is to close

1981 The property is sold