Plant at Fürstenfeld

Location: Eumigstrasse 3-9 / 8280 Fürstenfeld

1965 On 10 May operations start in Fürstenfeld, in rented premises. The production of switch elements for projectors begins, with the construction of the first hall taking place in September.

1966  Work really begins, with the construction of transformers and camera motors.

1968 Projector motors and splicers go into production

1969 Beginning of construction of Hall 2, with connection to Hall 1

1970 Hall 2 is occupied, with projector assembly. This year sees 42,000 projectors assembled. The workforce at this time stood at 300 employees; one year later there were 500.

1975 The plant of the neighbouring company Danubia is acquired, and the personnel taken on. 1,100 silent film projectors are assembled daily. The 100,000th projector leaves the plant. A start is made on the manufacture of video cameras.

1976 The 1,000th member of staff is employed.

1977 and the plant is again enlarged by a new building: Electronics assembly and automatic fitting of printed circuit boards – 11,000 components an hour. Sound projector assembly is taken over from Wiener Neudorf. 1,262 people are employed, of whom 1,058 are women and 204 men.
Video cameras are produced, projectors assembled and the production of amplifiers for sound projectors also is located here. In addition, splicers and electric modules are manufactured or assembled.