Plant at Wiener Neudorf

Location: Eumigstrasse 2-8 / 2351 Wiener Neudorf

1958 sees the plant in Wiener Neudorf go into operation. The halls were built as new by Eumig. Projector assembly was taken over, and radio and TV production transferred from the plant in the Buchengasse in Vienna.

1959 and camera assembly also relocates from the Buchengasse to Wiener Neudorf.

1960 and followed by the transfer of the lens mounting department and optics assembly from Vienna, as well as the assembly of TV sets.

1961 and the first production line for optical lenses goes into operation. This was the first time such an arrangement had been used in the optics sector (the Sphäromat 1); this was essential in order to cover the enormous demand for lenses (1959: 0.9 million lenses, 1977: 6.7 million lenses, produced from 38.4 tonnes of rough glass)

1962 and Wiener Neudorf becomes the new location for complete optics manufacture, which concludes the transfer of lens manufacture from the Buchengasse in Vienna.

1971 sees the completion of the Eumig tower block, company headquarters, which is concluded in 1974 with the occupation of the Eumig Building.

1976 and new halls are built for the galvanics and automatic lathe departments, and the warehouse.

1977 and these departments are transferred from Vienna to Wiener Neudorf. At the same time, new halls are constructed for the punch facility, mould construction, and the training workshop. 1,721 people are employed in 1977 at Wiener Neudorf, of whom 1.262 are women and 459 men. Wiener Neudorf was the largest Eumig plant.
This is where all lens and optics manufacture took place, as well as the assembly of cameras and projectors for silent and sound films.
This was also where the production of hi-fi cassette players started, and the Eumig share in the production of the Polaroid camera.

1978 sees the takeover of the last manufacturing facilities from the Vienna plant.

1981 After Eumig goes into liquidation, a successor company is established in these halls.