The company established its first location in Vienna, in the Hirschengasse, then underwent constant expansion, finally moving from the Schallergasse to the Buchengasse, in Vienna’s 10th District.

The confusion caused by the war resulted in an expansion outside the capital, at that time to Micheldorf, a branch unit which was later relocated to Kirchdorf.

The optical and final assembly lines were still in Wiener Neudorf, which lies on the southern edge of Vienna. Eumig started a new industrial zone there, and later also set up their headquarters, in the form of a 10-storey tower block.

The research laboratory was located in the Ludwiggasse, in Vienna’s 18th District.

Depending on labour market requirements, further plants were established in Fürstenfeld, in the Province of Styria, in Lower Austria in Bad Deutsch Altenburg, and finally in Fohnsdorf, again in Styria.

One of the branch companies belonging to Eumig was also located later in Switzerland, where the company of Bolex was based, which Eumig had taken over.